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AthenStyle is a good hostel with a lot of good facilities. You can store your luggage in the handy storage lockers in the hostel's basement (for a fee -- of course!). You can order food and drinks on the rooftop terrace, while admiring panoramic views of the city (including a great view of the Acropolis).

The Location

This hostel is located in the heart of Athens, just a stone's throw away from Monastiraki Square, near the main sights, like the Parthenon. It takes less than five minutes to get to the hostel from the metro, it is very easy to find. Monastiraki is located on the main metro line and is over an hour from the airport by train. Monastiraki Square is one of the main shopping areas in Athens and has restaurants, shops, tourist items, and a popular flea market.

Rooms and Bathrooms

This hostel has clean dorm and private rooms that you enter with the use of a key card. It offers private rooms, and fairly spacious three-bed, four-bed, and six-bed dorms. They have lockers inside the room, but you need your own lock, which you can purchase from the front desk for a fee. All the dorms have en suite bathrooms which are very clean. There are wall lights and plugs beside the beds, which is always helpful if someone arrives late or wishes to stay up, it is not necessary to keep everyone up with the overhead light. The showers have warm water, but you need to bring your own towel. The rooms have air conditioning, but you need to use your keycard to use it, so if you step out of the room, the air conditioner shuts off. The rooms have artistic stenciling done all over the walls, which is a nice touch!

Common Spaces

There is a small kitchen on the ground floor and two public bathrooms (a warning -- in Greece, you cannot flush toilet paper down the toilets. It is a slightly disgusting reality about the basic Greek sewage system that exists pretty much countrywide). There are a couple computers in the games/storage locker room in the basement. The reception area has a lot of seating and small tables for eating meals and relaxing. The rooftop patio has a café, but you can't bring your own food or drinks, so you must stick to eating out, in the reception area or your own room. The Wi-Fi isn't altogether that great, as you are booted out frequently, but it works best in the reception area. It is easy to meet other backpackers in the reception area or in the rooftop café, the hostel is a fun hostel but not a party hostel.


Overall, this is a good hostel if you've got more of a budget. There are many cheaper hostels to stay at that are still comfortable, but many of them have hidden costs (like extra for air conditioning and/or top sheets, so do your research so as not to be surprised). If you have the budget, then AthenStyle is highly recommended as a comfortable, clean, and central hostel!

by Shannon Neuber
Hostelz.com Staff Reviewer
September 2014

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KitchenAcropolis View from TerraceLuggage Storage
Dorm RoomRooftop TerraceCommon AreaHostel Reception
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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews
4   Good location but could be cleaner. The hostel is really well located. Monistiraki is the centre of Athens with everything being close by/walkable. I stayed in a 6 bed dorm, the room was a ok size but can get crowded. The bathroom was very small, so even though it was cleaned daily, I felt dirty touching thing like the shower curtain. There was free breakfast but it wasn't great. Overall, an ok stay for the location but not amazing.  , age 23 ()
5   Standard accommodations, excellent experience! The staff was very friendly, especially Alex! The rooftop bar has a great happy hour with 2for1 beers and lots of friends to be made. The rooms were fairly basic but had all the necessary components. The hostel was clean and run efficiently. Day lockers also made it easy when you had to check out and leave later in the day.  , age 23, Canada ()
3   Be carefoul There are 2 buildings. Make sure in which one are you going to stay. There is one that looks like an abandoned building. Rooms are extremely hot!  , age 24, Brazil ()
2   Location is not everything I have spent the last few days trying to come up with a few good things to say about this hostel. But the more I tried, the more annoyed I became at how the good bits are really just used as band-aids by this place to make the other stuff seem palatable. YES it is mere steps from the metro stop; YES there is a rooftop bar with an amazing view of the Acropolis; YES there are some good drink deals and free breakfast; YES there is (theoretically, when/if it works for you) free WiFi in the lobby. BUT -- While the lobby area looks nice, the rest of the hostel is a dump. Chances are, unless you've reserved a private room, you get sent a few doors down to a different building to which you enter through a hallway with an iron gate across it designed to keep out vagrants (which, by the looks of things, it does a very poor job of). If the elevator works (oftentimes it will take you up to your floor, but the door will not unlock for you so you have to go back and start over), you come up to your room which is protected by key-card entry, which would be good, except that you stand about a 50% chance at any given time of your card actually working; if it doesn't, you have to go back down to reception. Maybe this is the *real* reason they're open 24 hours. The rooms themselves size-wise are about normal for a European hostel. The problem is that 1) the rooms are not air conditioned, even though they appear to have an air conditioner in them, and 2) this makes the shower/toilet -- separate closets -- even less bearable. Considering they don't allow you to flush toilet paper ... well, I'll let you fill in the gaps on that one yourself. Also a somewhat lesser annoyance is that while there are lockers in the rooms, they only lock if you buy the locks that they sell down at reception. As for the internet, I fully admit this is absolutely a total "first world problem", but having unreliable access to the internet is actually quite a problem in the 21st century, considering how many travelers need the internet to keep track of banking at home, arrange their transit, reserve accommodation at their next stop. There are two (working) public computers to use, but given that half the people couldn't get the WiFi to work, there was ALWAYS someone on them, and besides, if you have to send any sensitive payment data (for instance), you really shouldn't do it on a shared computer. Anyway, Athens is an interesting city for sure, but next time I go, I will be looking to stay elsewhere.  , Australia ()
5   Great place to stay! I stayed here for 5 nights and I really enjoyed my stay here. My friend and I met some really nice people. The hostel is centrally located and really easy to find- esp. if coming from the airport. Very secure and the hostel will even let you drop your luggage in the lobby for the day if you plan to stay in Athens a bit beyond your check-out time. And! They'll let you know if any strikes might throw a kink in your travel plans. The view from the rooftop is just stunning. My only dislikes: The elevator up to the dorms was a bit tiny and the way the bathroom door was in my room, when you opened the door to the actual room, the bathroom door flew open and collided with it if the bathroom door wasn't locked. So, if you end up in the Crete Room, watch out for that.  , U.S.A. ()
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