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Happy Gecko Hostel

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Hostelz.com's Review
Happy Gecko Hostel does not live up to the claims and promises it makes on booking sites. The hostel describes itself as “trendy, with a great rooftop bar.” The only thing accurate about that statement is that it does indeed have a roof where you can sit and drink your own beverages.

The Location

This hostel is very easy to find, with easy-to-spot signage. It is very close to all of the action and excitement of Fifth Avenue, but is on a quieter side street.

Rooms and Bathrooms

The shared dorms are about average for a hostel in this price range. Beds are comfortable and the room is nice and dark for sleeping. The air conditioning is kept to a minimum, but it does work and is a welcome perk. We were assigned a locker, but the top wooden panel was missing, so anyone could reach in and take our stuff -- so, forget about secure storage. (This hostel also promises “secure luggage storage,” but when we inquired about storing our bags while we went to the beach, they just gestured at the breezeway at the entrance where some bags were leaned against the wall. Anyone could duck in off the street and steal one without being noticed).

This hostel has only one single bathroom for all sixteen dorm guests -- this presents a major problem at this hostel, especially since it touts itself as a trendy party spot and therefore has a lot of beer-drinking folks on the premises. Constantly waiting to use the bathroom creates an uncomfortable and annoying situation. Even at 4 a.m., when waking to use the facilities, expect to wait and wait for the bathroom to free up.

Common Spaces

Visit the rooftop bar at your own risk -- there is no railing and it would be very easy to trip and fall to your death, especially since strands of iron rebar are sticking up all over the roof. Rather than remove the rebar, the hostel simply “decorates” them with pieces of driftwood (which admittedly is kind of creative, but still, it's exposed rebar. The advertised hammocks are rotted and hanging in tatters, and the sofa doesn't look very clean. There is a kitchen on the roof, but the stove would not light, and there is no running water in the sink. During our stay, it was filled with unwashed dishes that people had obviously intended to try to wash but were unable to.

Check-in is a breeze -– the staff are young, hip, and very friendly. The tiny lobby is humming with traveler activity and there is an internet terminal there for guest use, although it is constantly in use -- expect to wait for a turn.


The only positive thing we can say is that the staff here are were great, but of course with turnover, this can change.

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March 2012

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1   DO NOT STAY!!! BEWARE OF RANDOM PEOPLE POPPING INTO THE ROOMS TO STEAL i heard that happy gecko was the place to be in playa del carmen so i decided to stay for my last night in mexico. boy was i wrong! apparently they just let anyone walk right on into the rooms which ever time of day. there are no locks on the doors and anyone can just walk right in. I had my money, laptop, and my ipod stolen. the staff there were no help at all. apparently they made it seemed like it was my fault even when i was in the room when this happened. I didn't realize that I had to be on the lookout 24/7 for being in my room as well. i may be jumping to conclusions but apparently in the dorm where i was staying, most of them are all staff. and throughout the day i saw that all of their friends (who were not staying at gecko) were over and they partied all night. while i was in my room that night i saw the friends of the staff randomly just walking in and out of the dorm where i was staying. this kind of draws my conclusion of who came in and robbed me because the bar really isn't advertised out to the public except for friends of friends. the only positive feedback i can give is the location. DO NOT STAY!! there are so many other better hostels that are close to the center. it is not worth your time or money to stay here!!  , age 25, CANADA ()

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