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Ates Pension Hostel

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Ates Pension provides free transport to and from the bus station. The hostel is located about a fifteen-minute walk from the centre of the town of Kas.

This hostel is very noisy. On the top floor there are many TV/cable boxes of some kind that require fans to be running continously. We had a room two-floors down and the noise from the fans kept us up at night. It may not be as noticeable on the lower levels, but it was very disruptive where we were staying.

The hostel has a nice roof-top patio, where free breakfast is served. There is free internet (one computer). The room is very clean and the beds are comfortable. The pool is located at the hotel across the street, which is also where the owner hosts BBQs.

When we arrived, the staff person was not very welcoming. Despite our a booking, he tried to charge us more than the arranged cost. Additionally, the cost of the excursions booked through the hostel are more expensive than walking ten-minutes down to the travel agents to book directly (saved about fifteen pounds for two for one day trip). Just beware of the cost and shop around.

During our stay there were not too many other people staying at the hostel, so the environment was very quiet. The hostel itself is nice, but the fans and the staff person that we dealt with really took away from the experience.

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August 2006

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5  This is a wonderful place to relax, meet new and interesting people and enjoy the best hospitality in a backpackers I have ever experienced.  ()
3  I thought this place was very good. However, I was told I would pay 6.00 pounds, and in the end was asked for 25 million Turkish Lira. My only other criticism is that the mosquito screens have a gap at the bottom. I had to seal my room, and only Autan came to my rescue. Please, make sure the screens are sealed in future.  ()

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