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Sant Jordi Alberg is a superb hostel and it's enjoyable to stay here. It's got a great location -- it's within walking distance from Plaza Catalyna, which is as close to the town's center as you can get in Barcelona. There's a little grocery right across the street for whatever you need and all the cafes are a few blocks away.

It's a very social hostel -- every night, Mario (one of the guys who works at the hostel) takes a big group of people clubbing. Just about everyone in the hostel goes, which means late nights (you'll be out until about 3 or 4 a.m.). Also, most of the people staying there are in Barcelona to chill out, and are very open to making friends and hanging out.

The hostel itself has two wings (on the same floor), each side with multiple bathrooms and showers. One side has a kitchen, and both sides have lounge areas (with about six computers available for free internet twenty-four/seven). Smoking is prohibited inside the hostel, but there's a balcony provided that seems to be quite popular. This is the perfect hostel for you if you're into the club and bar scene, love late nights and parties, and want to see some of Barcelona as well.
by Christina Heggie Staff Reviewer
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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Sant Jordi Alberg" at Carrer de Roger de Llúria 40, Units 1-2.)


Carrer de Roger de Llúria 40, Units 1-2, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
41.392047, 2.170470 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+34 93 342 41 61
+34 934186782
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94% Guest Reviews

Highly recommend
Best hostel I've stayed at. Clean rooms and fun and accommodating staff. The nightly bar crawls were clutch and some of the best nights out I had while in Europe. Made a ton of friends that I continue to keep in touch with. Highly recommend for the young person looking to have a great time.
Age 20, United States
My first night in Barcelona I stayed in Sant Jordi Hostel. The accommodations were good, the facilities clean, and the staff friendly. They do a good job at making sure everyone feels welcome. Each day they have some type of excursion planned out for the residents, whether it's the Picasso Museum or a tapas bar. Every night they take the residents to a bar and a club, so it's a guaranteed party if you're staying here. Highly recommend this place!
Age 19, USA
Not the right fit for me ...
I recently stayed at this hostel and maybe I did not read the reviews thoroughly enough but it certainly makes sense that this IS a party hostel. If you're into that, that is great. If you are more of a reserved person who enjoys a good night's rest and some peace and quite please heed my warning and DO NOT stay here! When I was going to bed, a majority of the hostel was heading out for the daily bar crawl and they were very loud in doing so. Most of my dorm mates would come back very late (or early in the a.m. rather) and would be very disruptive. I understand everyone has different lifestyles but previous hostels I have stayed at would ask guests to at least be respectful of others. On another note ... While there was a cleaning lady that would come every day in the morning, I felt like I was bothering her while just trying to get ready for the day. At one point she made me wait in the kitchen because the floor was wet since she had just mopped the hallway leading to my room. It would have been nice to have clarity about the cleaning schedule for that. I also found the mildew odor from the mold on the ceiling of the shower very gross and I tried to hold my breath anytime I went in there. Some of the desk staff were great and very helpful, but others (one in particular who I won't name) acted very unprofessional and would try to joke around when it wasn't really appropriate. The reception area seemed to be a hangout spot for many and the music would be played very loudly there (even at night) and I found that to be very rude as well. If I visit Barcelona again, I will be choosing a different hostel, Sant Jordi just wasn't the right fit for me.
Great Party Hostel
All the things you need, a kitchen, clean bathrooms, 2 lounge areas, lockers, wifi, and a laundry service. Each night there's something planned, usually a bar then a club which most of the guests go to. Great place for parties and having a good time, not so great if you want a good nights sleep.
(New Zealand)
High standard -- high price
saw many hostels in different countries and this one is definitely one of the best. just for me the price up to more than 40 € was too high!if possible i would give 4.5 stars because the room had no window.
Just ... PERFECT!
The best hostel I've ever been! If we could stay in a 5 stars hotel? Sure, but it would not be the same, especially cuz of the excellent staff and conditions! Good organizing parties! If I ever go to Barcelona again, I must stay at this fantastic hostel!
Pedro Ferreira
Not that great
I was a bit disappointed! I definitely expected a bit more. The hostel isn't bad, but that's just it. Some of the rooms have no windows, so the air isn't that good. Also, I've seen cleaner hostels. The beds are comfortable though and the location is convenient.
Best Hostel
This was by far the best hostel I've been to. This place has it all! First, the staff are extremely friendly and knowledgeable. I'll never forget sexy Alejandra, my god, I really enjoyed flirting with her. She's got this sexy librarian look going on. Anyways. The accommodations are absolutely amazing. Everyone gets a lock cubbyhole for important belongings. There's a kitchen that anyone can use and the hostel is conveniently in front of a grocery store. The place is hella clean, it gets moped top to bottom everyday by the same cleaning lady (she takes her job seriously). Free internet was a big plus. The best factor though. The PEOPLE that come to this hostel and the night outings organized by the staff here. This place is in every sense a party hostel! It's nuts. So much fun, people are wicked awesome, and the staff her lead by examples -- they know how to partaaayyyy! Get cultured during the day and have tons of fun at night. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PLACE.
Crazy Beaver

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