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Amsterdam Hostel Annemarie

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Hostelz.com's Review
Amsterdam Hostel Annemarie is located right in downtown Amsterdam, just a few minutes' walk to the city center. The neighborhood is very calm and relaxing, and the building is very historic looking. It's also very easy to find, with the hostel sign very visible from a good distance away. The hostel includes great free Wi-Fi, free breakfast, a kitchen to use, and a free walking tour.

The Location

The hostel is located in the heart of Amsterdam. It's a very short walk to the city center, which is definitely the best thing about it. There's a very relaxed atmosphere, in a great location, right next to the I Amsterdam Letters and famous museums, including the Van Gogh Museum. It's a great location to see more of the historic culture in the Netherlands, away from the red light district.

Rooms and Bathrooms

The rooms are of a fair size, but have a mildewy smell to them. There is only one window in the mixed room, which we were unable to open. The rooms have no reading lights/night lights, which gets pretty annoying, because whenever someone walks into the room, they have to turn on the roof lights and annoy everyone trying to sleep. There are only two toilets and two showers for all of the rooms to share, which are extremely dirty and outdated. The toilets and showers are not separated, so the floors are soaked around the toilet whenever someone has a shower.

Common Spaces

The common spaces include a kitchen and a sitting room. Not many people hang around there, so there isn't much culture or anything really going on. There is a great Wi-Fi signal all over the hostel, which is probably the reason why people hang around the rooms and not the sitting room. There are no lockers, and no proper security. We were very skeptical about leaving our belongings unattended.


This is a good hostel for a night or two if you aren't too picky on cleanliness and security. The place is pretty outdated, but it is in a great location for a cheap price. The staff are very nice and helpful, and will give you tips on the best places to go and visit. They also give great directions and a nice walking tour around the city. It's not a bad place to stay for a short amount of time.

by Lsteves
Hostelz.com Staff Reviewer
February 2014
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3   Good, nothing special very nice staff, free breakfast!!! free wifi, awesome location, big rooms, rooms have private bathroom. rooms on the first day we got here really cold, not enough powerpoints, kitchen a bit dirty, bathroom really small. definitely a nice place to stay especially because of staff and location.  ()
1   RATS ON BEDROOM FLOOR. Need I say any more? This hostel was a disaster from the start -- overpriced for what it was worth, inattentive and rude staff. Dirty cutlery and stale bread on the breakfast menu we thought were bad enough. But to discover RATS had been in our cases and sh*t all over our clothes was another story. Disgusting and a lack of understanding from the hostel manager whose only justification was: "All the hostels are like this." Looking at the website, it paints a perfect picture of everything you would expect and more from a hostel, but in reality it is a trap. We did not sleep until 5 o clock in the morning because of ridiculous noise levels from floors above us screaming at regular intervals. The manager did not allow a refund of even our deposit as a slight consellation for what was an appalling stay in an inhumane environment. The whole night we felt itchy and could hear the noise of rats going in and out of our suitcases. Out of the 3 nights we planned to stay we left the first morning as soon as we could. Finally, this website states: "We hope to see you at Annemarie Amsterdam and make you feel like we are your home away from home" Well I don't know what kind of conditions these people live in at home, but I would rather live in a bloody skip for a night than have to go through that abysmal experience ever again.  , UK ()
1   Rubbish. On this website it tells you that you can get "Good breakfast with bread, eggs, cereal, milk, juice, and coffee." What you really get is stale bread, cheese slices that have gone crusty round the edges, and some muesli. On the tables there are already opened jars of jam, peanut butter, and tubs of margarine, and i even saw an ant crawling around -- nice! No sign of eggs anywhere so i assume thats part of the self service --cook them yourself! Oh and if its still early but have run out of bread, tough luck. It says free towels. yes thats only if you have booked directly through the hotel otherwise you can buy one from them for 5 Euros. Tempting right? Maybe not! The beds very uncomfortable. Shower room, i dont think its ever been cleaned by the look of it. Random hairs all over it and rarely warm. Staff are friendly enough but dont know any English if you're complaining! Really overall it was rubbish and not at all worth the £664 we had to pay. Which is what we had to pay for an eight-bed en-suite dorm where the shower was down the hall!  , British ()
3   Average Small rooms and therefore it gets crowded. Breakfast is ok (depends what you expect) -- eggs, cheese and jams. Free coffee. Showers and toilets ok. About staff -- many of them are friendly but beware of the guy that looks like a boss of this joint, he is very unfriendly. I have heard him shouting at a guy that was doing too much printing -- not that he was saying please pay for the prints but rather he was just shouting at him. He did not want money but wanted to shout! The same happen to me -- the day I have checked out I have stayed in hostel and this guy was very rude (for example when I was drinking vine wine from a glass he said that I should use a plastic glass because people are allergic to alcohol). The staff are muslims. I am tolerant and I expect also others to be. But this was not the case here.  , Slovenia ()
1   This place tries to trap guests into staying there. The description "sounds" great, but when you walk in the door the smiles slide slowly to the floor. Its looks like an Al Qaeda hangout. This hostel is an unadulterated rip off. First off they use photo tricks in order to make the room seem large. Going in you expect a modest bedroom, what you get is a modest heart attack. The double room is very tiny, I think their previous clientele was Gumby and a sheet of copy paper, because that's how thin you have to be to get by each other in the room. Not to mention the sink that someone must have shat down, it drained so slow. You better empty your bank account or rob one because its expensive. Our first morning we were awoken to the majestic sound of a chain saw as our room was on the front of the "hotel" and absorbed ever decibel of sound from the outside. One night i started freaking out because I though there was someone in our room trying to steal our stuff, because all the sounds waves bound right into the room. Whoever designed the acoustics in that room should be arrested for perjury. But it all turned out ok, for the hostel owner that is, because the hotel had conveniently instituted a no refund policy leaving us to enjoy the scrumptious gourmet fare provided by the hostel. I'm sorry did I say gourmet, i meant to say I didn't know were all the C grade eggs went, now I know. Not for human consumption, I wanted to strangle the chef. On the bright side, one of the guys that works at the desk is really nice and the location is great for the museums as well as a nice park. The grocery store is also close. If all you want is someplace to stay with good location, great, just don't expect much else. Save yourself and stay across the street!  , USA ()
1   Sketchy! Worst hostel I've ever been to. Two girls put into a eight-bed dorm with all guys. Didn't dare take a shower -- gross! Too expensive for what you get. Had to pay with cash.  , USA ()
1   Not trustworthy I call the hostel asking for their prices. They say it's 15 or 16 Euros, depending on how many dorm beds in the room. I want to make a reservation. Answer -- it's not necessary, we've got plenty of beds. Fine. As I arrived there, after 10 p.m., I'm having trouble finding it. I got off the Tram on the indicated stop, but where to go now? I decide to call them from a pay phone. I do, and they weren't able to explain me how to get. I have to ask around (without knowing the local language). Luckily the people I found could speak English and knew where the street was. It turns out I was five minutes away from the hostel! As I get in, the cheapest bed is 22.50. "But I called, it was 15,16 Euros!" "That price, well, drop it. I wasn't the one who talked to you. My price is 22.50. If you don't like it, you can go someplace else," and tapped me in the shoulder. I ended up staying there, as it was already 10:30 p.m. and I knew no other place to go. Of course I had the pleasure of having to change rooms, which took a whole morning (it's a lot if you're staying only for two days!). Beds and bathrooms were minimally clean. Breakfast is limited -- believe me, they will tell you you're not allowed to take something more than once if you try to. Kitchen is ok, there should be more pans, but it's workable. Kind of far from downtown, I mean, you either walk a lot or take the tram.  , Brazil ()
5  I had a great time here. The staff was the best. The mascot cat loved my room for some reason. Might have been all that catnip I pick up at the coffee shop. Wink wink. Overall the best hostel I stayed in on my two-month trip across Europe.  , CANADA ()

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