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Hostel 639

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Hostelz.com's Review
Hostel 639 is a convenient place to stay. It is a very cheap hostel and easy to find since it's very close to the subway line.

The Location

639 Hostel is located in the northwest of London in front of the Kensal Green subway station. There are supermarkets and pubs close by and also bus lines all day and night long. From London city center it takes approximately thirty minutes by underground.

Rooms and Bathrooms

There are dorms room available with one, two, three, four, six, and eight beds. The big dorms have a sink, a shower inside, and they are normally with bunk beds. Unfortunately there are no lockers inside the dorms but you have a choice to leave your luggage at the luggage room (but a daily fee is charged). The dorms are very clean, bright, but with a little bit noise. The door locks use normal keys and the shower inside the room has good water pressure and temperature. There are separated toilets on every floor and they are very clean. From the men's toilet there is a not nice view from the neighboring graveyard.

Common Spaces

The hostel has several common places that include guest kitchen, TV room, sitting areas, computers, game room, bar, and cafe. The wall paintings have many drawings that makes the environment very heavy and not so comfortable. The guest kitchen has a microwave and a stove but has no kitchen utensils. The TV room has many couches and movies that are available for watching. The game room has a pool table and a football table. Some nights that bar is open and drinks are available for buying. The cafe has paid internet access and also phone for international calls. There is a Brazilian restaurant attached to the hostel that serves good meals during lunch and dinner. The breakfast is included but is very simple and poor.


639 Hostel is a good, cheap option for a few nights of sleep. In general it's very clean but not very comfortable. The heavy wall paintings and the old building do not give a good impression. Moreover the lack of lockers is a very big issue. If you are looking for a cheap place to spend some nights, this might be a good choice.

Exclusive Hostelz.com Review
June 2009

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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews
1   Go somewhere else Uninterested staff, loud bar attached to the hostel blasting crappy music all night, terrible springy beds, dirty showers and bathrooms, and to top it off, we were woken up at about 2 in the morning by a staff member saying that we all needed to show him our receipts because someone wasn't supposed to be in the room. Turns out they f***ed up in their filing and they woke us up because of their own mistake. Don't go here.  ()
1   What a crap of hostel it is the worst hostel i have ever been. You are better sleeping in the street. Dirty, horrible beds, very noisy. We were 4 on that hostel and all of us got sick. The staff is just disgusting, no manners at all. When you ask them they are so rude and they look to customers like they were stupid as i saw it not only with us but in general with all. There is nothing good on this hostel. You have to give a deposit just for everything, even for a fork (no joking).  , Spain ()
3   Ok for the money but would go elsewhere I paid £10 per night so I wasn't too surprised to find the place a bit scruffy and basic. The bed wasn't the most comfy but I slept fine and the breakfast wasn't really worth bothering with. If you're visiting central London attractions for a few days your travel costs might add up as the hostel is quite far from the centre, but transport links are nearby. The only thing that surprised me was the shower which is basically a cubicle in the corner of the bedroom so there's no private changing/drying area. I stayed in a mixed room with 1 other guy and a group of Spanish girls. It was impossible to change inside the shower cubicle so we all ended up being naked in front of everyone else in the room at least once. This wasn't a problem during my stay but might be uncomfortable for females if sharing with unknown guys.  , UK ()
1   Convenient location, less than 1 star place Except for the Kensal Green Underground station across the street, there is little except price to recommend this place (they do forget to tell you the station is closed on Sundays, not sure if that is temporary or not). Breakfast is cold white toast with frozen margarine and warm jelly with corn flakes and either tea or instant coffee. The rooms were clean but very bright in the morning and VERY noisy all of the time. No where close to walk to except the cemetery (which is RIGHT behind the hostel). Showers were nice. People were mostly nice. Security was ok, nothing special.  , USA ()
1   Deplorable, horriffic filth! Some of my things were eaten by mice (no I didn't have food in my bag) -- droppings all over the room. They reeked of old moldy carpet and stench. I didn't even want to sit on the couches in the lounge. Breakfast if you call it that was basically expired crap. Stale cereal, milk, OJ, apple, and that's about it. I stayed there and left a night early slept in the airport for ten hours rather than to stay there one more night. Spend a bit more money and go elsewhere.  , USA ()
1   Awesome I have been to this hostel two years ago, and I had such a great time, even though it was pretty dirty, and didn't have the best location. I have had some great memories of the five days I've spend there with my friends, I want to go back someday, just because of that. also a good thing was that the subway was just across the street.  , the Netherlands ()
2   Cheap but with a rude girl at the reception I spent 2 weeks here 7 years ago and I quarreled with a disgusting girl that was working at the reception. She did me out of 10 pounds, so I was forced to spend my last night at the Stansed Airport because my money was not enough. She charged me of 109 pounds for 10 nights while the rates were 70 pounds x week. I hope this hostel staff has changed because the place is quite exciting despite the fact it's far from the centre of the city.  , Italy ()
1  Yuck. We stayed here our first night in London and it gave us a terrible first impression of the city. Dirty, crowded, disorganized, shady. there was a huge spot of mold growing on our ceiling and the room reeked. It was full of creepy people and the breakfast was terrible. Staff was generally unhelpful or poorly trained. DON'T STAY HERE -- it's not worth the money you save, really.  ()

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